Green Economy Algeria

The green economy is now in the context of sustainable development, and thus is directly related to the protection of the environment and ecosystems on one hand, and the creation of jobs and economic growth of the country to another part.

The sustainable development for which Algeria has made international commitments favors the emergence of highly promising sectors (renewable energy, solid waste management, recycling of this waste, and buildings with low energy impact, etc……).

In the field of waste recycling for example, the problem is the fact that Algeria, nearly 6.1 million tons of recyclable household waste, while only 5% are operated by Algerian dies of recovery.

Climate Change is Real

By Richard Branson

We are at a turning point in history. The challenges and opportunities are staring us right in the face, and it’s up to us to determine our future. To do this, we can no longer afford to ignore climate change. Instead we must embark on a journey towards sustainability.

A statement released by the Earth League has made this very clear, outlining our planet’s tipping points and the opportunity we have to advance our prosperity.

This year, two crucial global summits – one on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in September and another on climate change in December – will be held to set the course for our future. The decisions made by world leaders at these summits will be the legacy of our generation.